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SELLERS: Just what is your Home worth now for general interest, tax or other investment use? (Market Values have been fluctuating.  Some are rising very slowly but others remain stable, a few have declined. But where?)

Selling your house - but you're not sure just how much you can list it for, to get a fair price, quickly?  (It could mean wasted months of  listing, if too high, or thousands of dollars wasted, if listed too low.)

MORTGAGE ASSISTED BUYERS: Be sure your lender chooses a LOCAL Appraiser that knows your prospective home area, neighborhood, and City - This is a Very Unique Resort Cities Valley - all 10 cities, and will not be understood by out of the area Appraisers. Appraisers ethically should be well versed in the Area Values and Property Types. 

 Beware -  Don't buy without first making the agreement CONTINGENT on an Appraisal and Home Inspection.  Be sure  three ways: That you are paying a fair Current Market Price for the residence. Or you are getting a bargain and the pric e asked is lower than Current Market. BUT - IF THE CURRENT MARKET VALUE IS LOWER THAN THE PRICE YOU ARE ABOUT TO PAY - AHA!  YOU MAY NOW RENEGOTIATE DOWN TO THE CURRENT MARKET VALUE.  Same, with the Home Inspection. Don't buy THEN find building, health or safety issues that might cost you a lot to repair or change. 

ESTATE NEEDS: . Your family needs to know the value of a family residence for Estate and Tax purposes as of the date of death recently, or several years ago? (For Tax, Probate or Family disbursement).  APPRAISALS FOR ANY SPECIFIC DATE.

PARTNERSHIP DISSOLUTION/ OR DIVORCE and PARTNERSHIP PLANNING. (For division of residential real property - See below for details on the newer "NEUTRAL APPRAISAL" to assist both parties with one report. 

  And California Real Estate Broker
  For the ten (10) Desert Resort Cities of the Coachella Valley, CA.
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Meantime:   what's New and In The News?


Hot News - Updates Into the first half of 2017

The High Season is again on in the Coachella Valley and the ten desert resort cities, and all the gated clubs and famous neighborhoods! Inventories of available properties for sale have grown, and the values are more stabilized, and have not shown notable value increases in the last quarter of 2015.  Inventories of available properties for sale, should rise a little in the first quarter of 2016, the most active months of the high season for the desert resort cities.  Values rose around 4-5% for almost all value ranges except the highest values, but the for-sale inventory in most areas is high and national unrest after the election is still questionable.  The Stock Market has shown positive rises in November/December 2016, but it isknown what will happen to our real estate market if the interest rates start to rise  - after the early expected run on refinancing and purchasing, some expect the Real Estate Market to slow.   This would hurt property values and the inventory would rise. There is still too many homes listed for sale in most local cities,but new construction is again reactivating in the areas that slowed to almost a stop, in 2008, finishing off developments that froze construction back then, and new developments that have passed the initial approval processes. 

It is still an ideal time to buy, says the broker in me.  Values rose during very slowly, in 2016 as expected, but not anywhere at the rapid growth of the inflated years 2004 through early 2007. But, Current Investors still know - They are still buying up the dated units and residences, sprucing them up with reasonable updates, upgrades and remodeling - and  reselling at (and this is the key word) with "reasonable profits",  selling them faster than the slightly dated units and residences are being sold, to  new home owners looking for bargains and wishing to remodel to their own tastes. Most of the fix and sell investors have realized there is no longer an inflationary market push, and are NOT trying to soak the second buyers in a market that recently experienced such a sharp downturn 2007 through well into 2012....... but it is always good to be sure, as a buyer, to obtain an appraisal BEFORE YOU CLOSE A CASH SALE, so you do not over pay against the property's Current Market Values.  MAKE YOUR OFFER CONTINGENT ON AN APPRAISAL. YOU WON'T BE SORRY. 

Home Sales remain quite active in most value ranges, in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, and still slower but good sales, in the cities of Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, plus, La Quinta and Indio and Cathedral City are not far behind in sales numbers,   As I earlier stated, the investors know. They are buying what are still considered bargains, as far as home prices are concerned.  Flips are becoming common again, but there seems to be a conservative bent to that, with less but "key upgrading" of properties purchased as "fixers" for resale, and the profits are smaller, thus,  sales more reasonable in the Local Housing Market!  Interest rates,  as expected,  hover a little higher but still in the perfect range for purchasing, based on the sales history of the past 25 years in the Valley. For sale inventories are higher in most cities and developments, with the exception of a couple of cities,  and some developments that have other problems with an over abundance of properties for sale, often brought on by other factors such as overly high HOA fees and extra fees, or, added Leasehold Estate fees.

 The time is right,  The value increases, in some instances, have reached or are about to reach the then urrent market value levels, of  early 2006,  so those who bought then, in the inflationary period, and  didn't over inflate their properties with multiple refinancing take-outs, and want to move on, should be at or close to  break even or showing a minor profit in a sale.  Gone are the multiple short sales and repossessions and REO (Bank) sales. Many will soon, or may already be seeing,  a rise in equity again.  The worst hit were the owners who refinanced for money out, as those values inflated through 2004 to 2007.    In some areas including parts of Palm Springs and Palm Desert, values have increased some 4 to 5% in the past 12 months. There are some with a sharp rise in values as sales remain active despite low inventories.  As the season progresses, more sellers will see the time is right, if they really want to sell, and the inventories will increase notably. But this will keep the Market steady and healthy. 


26+ years local, at your service!!

THAT MEANS: YOUR RECOMMENDED LOCAL Certified Residential Appraiser and Broker/Realtor Consultant for Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Cathedral City, Indio, Coachella, Thermal, Desert Hot Springs, Bermuda Dunes and unincorporated Riverside County communities.

Why do I stress Local?  In my opinion, you may not get an accurate appraisal if the appraiser has to drive 60-100, 200, 400 or more miles from his or her own local area to try to find your home and hope to find nearby comparable properties. Will he/she know your type or style of property NO. Will he/she know the reasons your neighborhood is unique in your city? NO. Will you get an accurate current market or retrospective value? VERY Probably NOT. It is not just: find a few recent sales and kind of "match" the Subject property to them. The Desert Resorts are notably unique, each, certainly,  with their own architecturally notable properties and neighborhoods. Palm Springs and other cities have very unique and famous architectural properties that in themselves are design GEMS and command the values, IF kept within their design elements and upgraded to today's finest qualities and needs.


I am  also now offering Neutral Appraisal Services, through your attorney or other legal representative or accountant (or direct with agreeing parties).

Example:  A divorce situation or break up of an ownership partnership, or the consideration of a future partnership, where property value is needed. Too often each party to such a transaction brings in their own Appraiser - strangely there may be a disparity of quite a few thousand dollars in each appraisal. This is right away, in my opinion, unethical and unfair to both parties.

I offer an accurate, single, Neutral Appraisal, offering my very best efforts to determine the most accurate property value that both parties or all parties may rely on. At no time should a property valuation be other than the honest, then current Market Value - unaffected by individual parties wants and dislikes during a dispute or partnership property transaction. Call for more details or have your regal representative call or email me.

Barry Noble (760) 774-4636



Special Service: To:   Sellers and Seller's Agents:  
If you need to know the accurate Gross Living Area (GLA) square footage and the County Records don't show any additions that are there or the MLS listing says "Buyer to Verify":  Get it right before you buy or sell: Ask your local Appraiser just to tape measure and sketch the floor plan for you and know what you are selling.....or buying.
  My fees for this special extra service, without an appraisal, range from typically $150 regular, smaller residences and condos,  to $350+ for larger custom, single or two level homes, depending on the size and intricacy of the floor plan.  
Believe me, A lot of people get very upset when they think they bought a larger home than they later found they bought. Size does matter, when it comes to your home. Claims have ensued from major square footage mistakes. It shouldn't be mis-calculated or mis-represented. Many homes are notably inaccurately represented by incorrect square footage Gross Living Area in the County Records and thus in the MLS. Far more than you might imagine.  How professional is an agent who doesn't know what the square footage really is, for the property he or she is supposed to be representing for sale. What else does the agent not know? I say this with respect, as also a Broker, who never sold a residence without first measuring the Gross Living Area, (GLA) myself.

Your Recommended Certified Residential Appraiser,

(760) 774-4636 (phone or text) 

Again - where?

Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage,

La Quinta, Cathedral City, Indio, Coachella, Desert Hot Springs

and unincorporated areas of the Coachella Valley

All Residential properties from small condos to

 large, custom, architecturally significant Estate

 homes, or 2-4 units, in ALL the unique neighborhoods of

 the desert resort cities of Southern California


in Palm Springs CA

(760) 774-4636  (Phone or Text)

Note: ** This Appraiser/Broker is not a lawyer or accountant and any legal/accounting questions should be referred to your own legal or accounting counsel. 

(760) 774-4636 (Phone or Text)


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